Friday, October 7, 2011

The Last 2 X 12......hoorah!!!!!

We are so happy to be done with the 2 X 12's. They are so difficult to handle and even more of a hassle when trying to find a good one at Home Depot or where ever we are trying to score some good looking lumber.The deck is moving along nicely but slowly. We have been enjoying this pleasant weather which makes deck building soooo much easier. Last week was cold and rainy and windy...lets not forget the wind.

I have a terrible feeling that winter will come early this year. So to try and counteract that from occurring, I will prepare for winter early. Starting tomorrow I will start to put away summer items in the yard and cut back my perennials.

A lot of my annuals are almost dead due to the unbearable hot stretch of weather we had in July and August. I kept them watered but the heat was too much for them. My flowerbeds and pots will look better empty.

I' try and take some better photos tomorrow. It seems like every time I think to take photos, it's already too late in the evening.