Sunday, July 6, 2014

Plant Tags and Labels Organization

Have you ever purchased a plant and at a later date wanted to purchase more but didn't know exactly which variety you already had in your garden?  I use a binder to keep all the name tags/labels in order and for future reference.

The idea came to me when I went to a coupon class with my sister.  I purchased my binder(s) at Office Max. Buy a thick binder because you will want to keep the tags from your perennials, trees, annuals, and maybe veggies that you grew in your garden and want to grow again. I have a separate one for my hostas, one for my perennials and bulbs, and one for my trees. .Believe me, if you are planning a hosta garden you will need a place to keep the tags in order.

To keep the tags in some sort of order you will need to buy the plastic pages that hold trading cards.  I bought mine off eBay and I think I purchased an entire box.  You will be surprised at how many you will use.

The binder I purchased has pockets in the front and back.  This worked perfect for holding the tags that come on bags of bulbs.  Those tags are large and of course would not fit into a trading card slot.

I just checked and Office Max, Office Depot, and Staples all offer money back on Ebates (link to register on the left).  You might even be able to buy the plastic pages to hold your tags, too.  With school supplies going on sale next month for the upcoming school year you might even score a rebate deal through the store .

If I had it to do over again, I would also draw a diagram of my yard and label my fruit trees.  I know what variety of apple trees I purchased but I have 3 that I cannot figure out which one is which.  If I had a diagram I would know which tree is the Gravenstein.  It hasn't kept us from eating them but I feel like an idiot when people ask "what kind of apple is this?" and I have to reply "I don't know."  I could say "red" or maybe "round".

The binders that I purchased have a clear cover on the spline and one the front.  You can design and print a cover and slide it underneath the clear cover.  Same for the spline.  Maybe when I get a few minutes with nothing to do, I can try and get creative but for now I am just happy to have all the labels and tags in one location.