Thursday, July 10, 2014

Miniature Hostas

I wish I had a dime for every time someone has said to me...."wow, I didn't know that there were hostas THAT small."

Miniature hostas or minis as they are sometimes called are perfect for the homeowner who has a very tiny flower garden, rock garden that is in the shade, or they are perfect for fairy gardens.
I thought it was Cracker Crumbs but it's not
I bought my first mini about 7 years ago.  At that time there were just a handful of plant varieties to choose from but that has all changed.  Most large garden shops that have a large hosta selection will usually offer at least 2 or 3 minis.  But if you want a large selection to choose from then the Internet is where you should go.

There was very little long term data on growing minis when I purchased my first batch.  Hostas that I purchased as a miniature variety are now actually dwarf or small size.  I tried to find definitive size information but one person's miniature is another person's very small.  Of course soil and light conditions can also influence how your hosta grows so read carefully the description if you absolutely need a certain size.  It might even be wise to read several growers size description to see if there is a consensus.

Starting in the top left Stetson, Little White Lines, ??, Dragon Tails.

Clockwise ????, Whirlwind (small), Cheating Heart
Miniatures or very small hostas work great for the very front of your hosta border.  You know that one little spot where you can still see soil in your vast sea of hosta leaves.  In my garden I have planted minis, very small, and dwarfs on both sides of the walkway that leads to my fountain.  They are so cute when they flower because the flower is sooooo tiny.
Rock Princess in bloom.
Look for the quarter in the photo above and below to give you an idea of scale.  I would not classify the hosta below as a mini but more dwarf size.
This hosta (below) is the smallest one that I have in my garden.  It is called rock Princess.  The leaves are tiny and it only grows to about 2 inches in height but it's a spreader and hardy.  Look at the normal size hosta leaf at the top of the photo.
The miniature hosta that I really really wanted is called Pandora's Box.  It has white and green leaves and they are very tiny.  Unfortunately, I tried growing it twice and both times they did not winter over.  I have since read that some growers will not sell them because they are so touchy.  The same goes for Fire and Ice.

I sure hope that I remembered to pick up all those quarters.  Oh by the way......I did not verify the names and just tried my best to remember names.  I am starting the priming of the front of the house tomorrow so I need to go to bed. Maybe I'll dream about the 39 hostas that will be on my doorstep in 3 days!!!!