Tuesday, July 15, 2014


We have or had three very large and very dead trees in our yard.  Over the years we have cut down and removed many of them ourselves but we wanted these gone now.

In the past, we have cut down the trees and then cut them into fire place sized logs.  Our wood pile is over flowing so all the wood we cut up from the winter storm damage was advertised for free on CraigsList.  But I just can't handle dealing with no shows and people who can't find my house despite explicit instructions.  I have even stood out by the road after someone called and said they couldn't find our house.  I asked if she was driving a certain car and she said yes.  I told her that she had driven by my house 3 times.  So I stood at the end of my driveway by the curb and she drove by my house again as I was talking to her on the phone. This lady was a professional with influence and power over people's lives.  She said to my husband "here's my business card"  so my husband said "here's mine."  I think it went right over her head.  I don't handle pretentious people very well.

But back to the dead trees.  I advertised on CL yet again, but I was very very explicit that you cut, you haul away, and it would be listed until it was gone.  No saving, no promises.  First come, first served.  Third time was a charm.  Two no shows.  I knew when I got his email that he had it together.

He showed up without getting lost.  He was able to negotiate my driveway with a big truck and long trailer without driving on my lawn or driving over my rose bushes. AND he had two chainsaws and one was HUGE.

He studied the tree, he figured out the center of gravity, and discussed his plan of attack with my husband. He took his time and the tree fell exactly where we and he wanted it to fall.
My husband helped load the trailer and in the time of 2 and a half hours he dropped and cut up a tree with a crosscut of  32X36 inches. Part of the trunk remains because his trailer was full.  He'll return on Wednesday.

The photo below is of the wedge that he cut out of the tree.

As we talked, he told me that you can make syrup from hickory bark and hickory nuts.  Who knew...not me. So I ordered a bottle off of Etsy to check it out.  I'll let you know what I think after I do a test taste because truth me told....I love me some maple syrup.  I've been known to store the bottle upside down when it's empty to make sure I get every last drop of amber goodness.

I've received some of my hostas and once they have all arrived I'll do a post about the various methods that you will receive hostas through the mail.