Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beekeeper's jacket and another tree bites the dust

Beekeeper's jackets are a must if you intend to keep bees.  So I went to the Internet and found R a coat that included a pair of gloves.  Prices vary greatly for the same product.  The jacket I bought with the gloves was $59.00 with free shipping.  Some sellers were selling the jacket alone for $99 and the gloves for $34, so shop around before buying.

When you order a coat, order your normal size.  They run bigger to accommodate a sweatshirt or jacket in cooler weather.  During the summer you will appreciate the extra room to help keep you cool.  The coat is made of thicker cotton so that when a washing is necessary, all you do is unzip the hood and pop the jacket in the washer.

This jacket was sold with a pair of gloves.  The gloves go on over the sleeves of your jacket.  The jacket sleeve has a little loop at the cuff which you stick your thumb through.  This keeps your sleeve in place as you pull on the long gloves.  These gloves have a cotton gauntlet with the actual glove made out of a soft thinner leather so that you have good dexterity when handling the frames etc.

Where's the jacket photos??? I accidentally deleted them while trying to upload them to the blog.  My computer has been acting unusual and this is the second time in the last week that I have deleted photos.

We still need to buy a smoker and a brush.  R will be adding another box (super) on top of the current box. I also cannot wait until we can move the hive this winter.  It is currently under the bay window and we are having the window replaced but they cannot do it until the hive is moved.

The storm we had three days ago brought down another tree.  This very very large cottonwood was just outside our property on a vacant lot but fell on ours land.  So we have been busy cleaning that up and when Ryan returns for more wood he can finish off this tree.

Just when we were all caught up on our burning, too.

I don't think the photos show how big this tree really is because I couldn't find anything to put next to it for scale.  The bark is deeply furrowed.  I placed my fingers between the furrows to get an idea of the depth of the furrows and the depth went all the way to my knuckles which is about 4 inches.

The photo below show a weird piece that was dark pink to red.  It looked like blood.  I noticed that today the red was a lot lighter than yesterday.

Interesting bee fact
That's a lot of miles!!!!!!