Monday, July 28, 2014

Photo Shoot at Gear Acres

Last week my niece, Miranda, spent about 3 hours shooting bridal photos of her friend.  She is self taught and has been photographing for only a year. What did I learn from this experience?  My photos are horrible.

The first thing upon arrival, Miranda and I walked around and she pointed out the items that she wanted to use.  I helped her set up and then grabbed her little 1 year old girl for some aunt time. Farrah June is precious and getting to that adorable stage where you can interact.

Miranda shot photos both inside and outside.  It's amazing what careful editing can do.  It was an extremely hot and very cloudy day but the bride looks fresh as a daisy.  Youth is a wonderful thing. weeds.  Love that editing.  I just wish I could edit out all the weeds in my yard.

By the end of the day Farrah was singing, waving, and throwing kisses.  As any good aunt would do....I fed her half a glazed donut, got her all cranked up on sugar, and handed her back to her mother.