Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to Shingling and Is This a Geode?

We are back reinstalling the cedar shingles around the two new windows that we recently installed.  R will probably finish up on one of the windows tomorrow and then I will prime and paint them.  Even though it is just a couple of handfuls of shingles, it takes time to trim them to fit between the window and the existing shingles....basically they are all fussy cuts.
It was so weird to work outside without the temperature being above 90 degrees.  There have been days where we pushed thru and worked in the sun and heat when we shouldn't have.  On those days we get less done but argue  Come on, I know we can't be the only DIY couple who argue about how to do something??
After working outside all day when the temps were in the high 70's, R said "you really can get a lot more accomplished when the temperature isn't 95 degrees."  I so agree.  It was the first time in months that it was actually pleasant to work in the sun.  It was both refreshing and kind of depressing. It means summer is winding down.  Our night time temps are in the 60's and this week they are forecasting 50's for night time temps.  Great sleeping weather.
So now for the million dollar question.  I collect round stones.  Yes, that is strange but I have this one that looks like the center is made of a softer material.  The outside looks like red granite and half of the outer shell is missing which exposes the soft inner part.  Kind of like a big ol' MM.

Is this a geode?

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