Thursday, August 18, 2016

Made the best of a rain delay... going to Home Depot to buy PVC drip cap for the new windows.

Around noon today the sky was perfectly clear and it was HOT. I puttered around the yard while I was waiting for R to get back from his dentist appointment and with gas for the riding lawnmower.  I heard the horn that they blow on the golf course when there is a storm coming and the golfers need to get off the course when I was picking up nails, wood chips, and sweeping up the deck.  I thought "what the heck" and looked up just as the clouds covered the sun and the wind started to blow.
This storm came out of nowhere.  R drove in the driveway just as it started to sprinkle.  Since we couldn't work on the cedar shingles we decided to go to the Home Depot in Fenton to buy the PVC drip cap.   

Home Depot only had 12 footers so we needed to tie the pieces to the truck mirror and tuck the other end in the bed of the truck.  We then picked up a gyro sandwich and an ice capp from Timmy's (Tim Horton's for you non northern people) and headed home.
By the time we arrived home the storm was over but everything was still wet so I couldn't mow and R couldn't use electricity.  We decided we could install the drip cap on the two new windows because we could use our pneumatic nailer and no electricity.

When installing solid PVC trim or boards, always keep the pieces in the shade where it is cool.  The PVC grows when it is hot and if you cut the piece in the heat it will be too short come fall and winter when the PVC contracts because of the colder temperature.  This problem REALLY shows up on wide PVC boards like what we use for the fascia.  We always try to install those pieces in the fall to help eliminate that problem.

We cut the drip caps an 1/8th too long so each end overhung the trim by a 1/16th.  Come winter it will be perfect if anyone even notices....LOL
R used the air nailer with brads to attach the drip cap to the window trim.
I just noticed that you can see my reflection in the window.  There goes the anonymity....LOL 

You can read about the how and why of drip cap installation here.

I am going to mow in the morning while R has a root canal.  I think I got the better deal.  Root canal...ouch.  If he feels better later in the afternoon we will start re shingling around the windows. 

Today's storm knocked over a dead tree onto the power lines just down the street.  I saw the power company's trucks when I drove uptown.  We didn't lose power until they shut the power off to remove the tree.  So rather than relax or take a nap while I waited for the power to return, I instead doodled my fall design for the front door and front porch.  Doodled is a stretch, it is more like scribbles.  I'm not even sure I understand the drawing.

Now for the gratuitous kitty photos.
Elvis loves watching the bird feeder.  
His sister, Sasha, says "stupid brother, you are too close." 
"Is this better?"

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