Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Quick Update and......

then off to sleep.  Windows will be here Wednesday morning at 9AM.

Sanded post with 40 grit paper but didn't have time to prime.
We placed cardboard tube in hole and  made sure it was level, plumb, and centered with the plumb bob. 
Then we backfilled about halfway up the tube to hold the cardboard tube in place.  Double checked level and plumb.
We mixed our concrete in a wheelbarrow and ended up short about 3 shovelfuls of mixed concrete.  So off to the hardware store.  Hint....I spray the wheelbarrow with a little water first before adding the dry mix so it doesn't adhere to the surface of the wheelbarrow. 
Had a hard time finding the right consistency.  It was either too dry or too wet.  Tried not to work it a lot but did tap the sides after every wheelbarrow of mix.  We didn't stress out about it because a lot of it is going to be covered with dirt.  We will be bringing the grade back up to where it belongs which is about 6 inches from the top of the tube. 

The windows will be delivered at 9AM and it is suppose to be 96 degrees on Wednesday.  The first group of windows were delivered in a snow storm and it was about 19 degrees when they installed the windows.  My how time flies.  We are installing these windows ourselves.  Hopefully.  If we don't pass out from the heat.