Sunday, August 14, 2016

Window Swap Update and Elvis' Last Nerve

Our cat, Elvis, is not happy about all the ruckus on the deck.  There is far too much noise for his kitty ears.  He likes to take his afternoon nap in solitude on the deck under his favorite bird feeder. Our hammering is also keeping the birds away. His life is in turmoil and he has totally had it with his humans.  
Don't worry Elvis, at the rate we are going we might be done by Labor Day weekend.  We knew the first window would take the longest but we hadn't figured in downtime for rain because we have basically had none this summer.
We just started the build up of the bottom of the window when it started to rain.  We quickly covered the opening with a tarp and called it a day.
On Saturday we started about 1PM only to have it start raining the minute we took the tarp down.  A quick check of the radar map showed that it was just a little rainshower so we continued working even though it was lightly raining.  Then the sun came out and dried up all the rain and then it got HOT and HUMID.

We finished building up the bottom of the opening.  Then a quick look through the scrap pile found a scrap piece of 3/8th plywood which was perfect for the sheathing.  Next we installed a layer of rigid foam insulation.  We used a partial sheet that R picked up from someone's trash.  It was the perfect thickness, too.  That saved us about 20 bucks.  We taped the seams with metal tape (not duct tape) and called it a day.
Tomorrow we will come up with some sort of method to raise the window up so that it will be easier to slide it into the opening.  R says he thinks we can use the floor jacks and milk crates.  If that doesn't work, we will call the 'son' over to help R lift the window.

I'm trying my best to give my neck and shoulders a break so that my disc can debulge. I emptied my purse of all non critical items.  I found that I had about 5 pounds of loose change in the side pockets, a construction size tape measure, miscellaneous screws and nails, expired coupons, 4 pairs of eyeglasses, and a variety of lipsticks in colors I have no idea why I purchased.

I can actually close my purse now.  I think my purse might be the culprit.  When I put my purse on my shoulder I can feel it in my neck.  So no more throwing my purse on my shoulder.  I am also sleeping without a pillow and using a rolled up towel to support my neck.  I know it sounds uncomfortable but it works wonders for me.
The fountain partially filled with rainwater because of the rain we have had in the last two days.  The top holds water until it reaches one of the holes.  That wasn't a surprise.  The middle tier held no water.  I assume it went directly to the bottom bowl.

I'm leaning towards using it as a 3 tiered planter with annuals that flow over the edge.  I would love a fountain but I really don't want the upkeep.  

Tomorrow is a big day.  We can't wait to see another ugly window go bye bye.

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