Saturday, February 7, 2009

Leather top nesting tables

Friday I stopped in at a couple of places looking for the cookbooks I need to complete my set. No cookbooks but I scored a set of leather top nesting tables for $25.00. They were sitting in the corner with something placed on top of them. Someone had pulled them apart and then could not figure out how to put them back together. It is a pet peeve of mine when people do that or when they sprawl on antique furniture like it is in their own living room.Ignore the dirt on the floor. R keeps going outside and then comes back in the house and walks around leaving a trail of water, salt, and footprints. Look Mom.....see I have the Dirt Devil out and I'm trying to clean the floor but someone keeps calling me about XM Radio (inside joke).

The tables were dirty and you could tell it had been a while since they were dusted. After I left the consignment shop where I purchased the tables, I went to an antique shop by my home. They had cans of Restor*A*Finish for sale so I at $10.99 a can....I took a chance and bought a can of the mahogany color. The photo above was taken after I used the Restor*A*Finish. It worked fine, not perfect but kind of took the edge off some of the scratches and definately made the tables shine without leaving behind too much oily slime.

The leather tops were in pretty good shape but there were scratches and some blemishes. The leather is firmly attached on all three tables and the gold edging detail is still crisp and not worn at all. I surfed the Internet for ideas on how to clean the leather. Some say use saddle soap others say whatever you do don't use saddle soap. One site mentioned to use shoe polish/wax the type that comes in a can to hide the scratches and give the leather some sheen. So that's the route I took. I figured that you use this shoe polish/wax on leather shoes and it doesn't destroy the leather.

Here's the before photo of the table with the most blemished leather.

The photos do not do them justice. There was definite improvement. I think that I would have achieved better results if I had used a darker brown. The polish/wax put a very nice gloss on the leather so I'm pleased with the results even though the photos show practically no difference.

On a side note......It was brought to my attention that not once last year did I give Tony Stewart a Gooooooooo Smoke and that this may have been the reason for his sub par performance last year. I personally feel his sub par performance was because of the switch that was made to another manufacturer.

So now that Tony is back where he needs to a Chevrolet.....I think he'll do just fine.

But just in case. Here's a little insurance.......Gooooooo Smoke!!!!

Well, that wasn't a good sign........Smoke was leading the 'Shoot Out' tonight when Fox went to commercial. When they returned he was back to 16th. Looks like he got caught on the outside without a dance partner and they freight trained him. Now he says he has a harmonic vibration. 28 laps to go........engine might hold together for 28 more laps since it's a restrictor plate race and they don't lift here. That a little easier on the valve train. He's in fifth now. If the engine lets go in front of the will be carnage. Or as the say...."the big one." OH boy...He's third...Goooooooo Smoke. Lowe's boy is right behind him. Tony's engine seems to be getting weak he's back to 6th. I better go pay attention.