Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Today's theme Owosso Michigan

Today R and I ventured out into the all too familiar brutally brisk winter air to go antiquing in Owosso.

Owosso is located about 15-20 miles west of Flint. Owosso's claim to fame is the fact that it is the birthplace of Thomas Dewey and the original location of Woodard Patio furniture.Our original intent was to go to the Jellybean Used Bookstore so I could find the two remaining cookbooks that I need to finish the Time Life Good Cook series of cookbooks. When we were getting out of the car, R said "I'd hate to roof that house, look at all the different roof lines."**see the lovely snowflakes in the photo.

Owosso has it's fair share of large old homes. The one in the photo above is located in a commercial area on 4 lane highway. I am sure when this lovely all brick home was built it was located in a rural wooded area on the far outskirts of Owosso. Look at the cute little eyebrow window on the roof. Unfortunately Owosso is lacking in jobs opportunities thus the town and homes have fallen on hard times and disrepair. It's a shame but not an unfamiliar story these days.

I didn't find the cookbooks I needed but R found this really cool old portable bench grinding wheel. The photo shows it mounted to a worktable but it's mounted backwards right now because the tool rest is on the backside and should be in the front with the crank handle on the right side. None the less it is a cool little tool for 20 bucks.Check out my other 2 blogs for posts related to today's trip to Owosso, Michigan.