Sunday, February 1, 2009

Trying to catch up

As of January 1st......I am retired. I've spent the last month catching up on doctor appointments and whatever else I've put off for the last couple of years.

The piles of magazines alone have kept me busy during the evenings cutting out articles and ideas. While I was clipping, I noticed some magazines netted absolutely nothing in the save pile. Those magazines will not be renewed. I also jotted down the renewal dates. Because I send in renewals whenever they mail me one, I have inadvertently renewed some magazines through 2014.

Recently there has been a rash of magazines folding. I have lost at least 4 subscriptions in the last year. House and Garden folded and substituted Domino in it's place and now Domino has folded. I hope Conde Nast has a magazine left to fulfill my subscription.

I subscribe to appropriately 30 magazines only because I get a professional discount with some subscriptions only costing $5.00 for a year. I think I will go back to just subscribing to my long time favorites because they are the ones I get the most ideas from. My prediction for the next magazine to go under is Veranda. I only say this because I have been inundated with renewal requests at very low rates for long term renewal and this seems like a desperation move. I will not be renewing.

The weather has been extremely cold here in Michigan. R and I tried our best to rake all the leaves this past fall so that spring's clean up will be quick. I'm really anxious to get the house painted this year.

The following photos were taken at the end of the summer. The hosta beds and roses are starting to fill in nicely. The last couple of years we have concentrated on the landscaping since we had so little time every day to work on a project.
The fountain project is about 50% complete. We are looking forward to hearing the water dripping. Hopefully we can find a sunny spot for the solar panel that powers the fountain pump. is a photo of what Blue Mouse Ears will look like. For reference....the stones in the photo are about the size of nickels with the largest stone about quarter size. It's such a cute little hosta.

Blogger and Firefox are both uncooperative tonight. I bet Google is still having trouble. I wish all hackers would buy old houses, then they wouldn't have time to hack or whatever it is they do.