Thursday, April 1, 2010

Red Sink....Going Going Gone

I wish every day was like today.

It was great. While we raked, we had people stop and give us money. OK, they just didn't stop and hand over money. It was more like as soon as I listed items on was gone. No bickering over price or anything.

I had someone contact me about the red sink within 5 minutes......gone.

All the left over sheet metal duct work......gone within several hours.

Tomorrow is suppose to be another great day so hopefully we can get the bulk of the leaf raking done. I have a huge blister on my thumb from raking without gloves. I always forget to put on gloves until it is too late.

I have all the roses trimmed except for the Knock Out roses in the lavender bed. I have about a third of the roses in that bed trimmed.

Today I trimmed the Purple Rug roses by the kitchen door. They are so thorny. This photo is blurry because the wind was blowing quite briskly today. If you cannot tell by the photo they branches are so covered in thorns they are like little bottle brushes.I normally do not plant roses that are this thorny but this particular shrub rose is very hardy, blooms profusely, and has the most intense rose scent. You can literally smell these roses when you are 20 feet away.

What is that I hear???? Sounds like my pillow calling my name. Nite.