Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chain Link Fence Repair

The air was thick today. My plan was to finish weeding the border along the front fence. This is where I left off yesterday evening.I had edged and weeded this bed yesterday except for a 4 x 4 foot area. I started to loosen the dirt with the shovel and within a handful of minutes I was exhausted and overheated. Time to find another project.

R went to the fence store this morning to get the needed parts to repair the chain link fence on the north side of the property. He needed the internal connectors like the broken one in the photo below...... but all they had were the external kind.Installation was a pain because the top rail was already in place and there was not a lot of play. But R was able to install 3 of the 4 connectors before it started raining. Of course he needed a floor jack and some used (1 race) racing oil to do it. He raised the top rail using the floor jack....... ......and lubricated the top rail with oil so that it would slide together once he was able to line everything up. This wasn't the only fence repair that we needed to do. The fence in the front had a bend in the top rail where two sections come together. The original installation used an external connector that has a split in it. The split has spread apart and caused the top rail to sag.

So we used the floor jack and a 4 x 4 to raise it back up. It's better but not perfect. We might try the other style of connector but this top rail is bigger in diameter so we are not sure if they make one this size or not.Then it started raining and R asked, "are you calling it because of rain?"

I replied, "Yup... it's a rain out."