Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mending Fences

Best laid know how they go.

The plan was to install the last top rail connector and then we would be done with fence repairs. After clearing away some vegetation we found 2 more breaks and another bend.

R will have to go and buy a couple more connectors and tomorrow we will try and straighten the bent top rail and install the new connectors.

We also found that the post on one side of the gate is bent. R thinks he can use the come along and a large nearby tree to pull the post straight.

I would like to know how the post got bent in the first place.

At exactly the same moment, both R and I realized that we felt itchy all over our legs and arms. Oh no poison ivy!!! We immediately got out the dish soap and garden hose and washed the itchy areas. So far, 5 hours later we are itch free.