Sunday, July 4, 2010

How Am I Doing?

Well I will be up front...we haven't made as good of progress as I had wanted.

Here's the excuses.

It's hot outside.

One half of Friday was used to do a unexpected project at the Torrey Rd house. The opportunity arose to have our neighbor (owns nursery) to use his equipment to clear the area under the purple martin house/Bradford pear tree. This required us to remove all the irises buried in the weed infested mess. When they were done using the tractor, they laid down plastic and covered with mulch. It looks much better now. This was a project that needed to be done but this was unexpected.

We added to the list. We edged around 4 more trees.

We needed to get more black mulch and the employees at Home Depot are slow slow slow. A 10 minute trip turned into also 45 minutes.

We weeded the 3 hosta beds. One bed is huge. We decided to do this because it is in the shade.

Did I mention it was hot?

Here is the 'To Do' list

Complete all mowing today. DONE
Finish putting down black mulch that was bought on Saturday. DONE
Spray Round Up (this alone should take 4-5 hrs) large yard plus need to refill.
Sand trim on sun room exterior.
Caulk all new trim on sun room exterior.
Prime sun room exterior.
Strip paint on next section of house.
Sand, caulk, prime this section and the doorway section that already has new shingles and trim.
Work on painting the chain link while fence is in the shade.

That's not very good progress. If I could fire myself, I would do it immediately. Oh but wait, I guess because I own this house that would make me part of the management. In that case, I just gave myself a raise and hey what the heck, a bonus, too!!!!!

Life is great!!!!

Did I mention how hot it is outside????