Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Curbside Treasure

It had been a while since I ran across my last curbside treasure and I was wondering when I would run across my next find. Today was the day.

Someone beat me to the curb in the short time it took me to turn around. Luckily he just took the large canvas market umbrella and left the item I had my eye on.

I had to call R on the phone to help me load my new acquisition. It took him 10 minutes to get there so I just stood there on the side of the road so no one else would stop.

Here it is.......A small maple desk with drawers.

The desk is in very good shape. There are scratches in the paint but that is OK because I will repaint it to match my sewing room. My neighbor on Torrey Road uses a desk for her sewing machine. She painted her desk dark red and then put on several coats of clear poly sanding between coats. The clear coats makes the top real smooth so that your fabric slides easily as you are sewing.

The drawers are not small and will work perfect for storing lots of notions and fabric.
R scored at a garage sale last week. He bought 3 bottle jacks for 20 bucks. Two large jacks and one small jack. All three did not work and that was how he was able to negotiate a lower price. He had two working within an hour and believes the third just needs oil. The two that were non operational required spraying all moving parts with a penetrating oil to loosen surface rust. A slight tap here and there with a small brass hammer and viola.....they were working.