Friday, July 30, 2010

Small Odd Jobs and Mosquito Millage

No big projects here at The Gear. The weather has been slightly cooler the last several days but the mosquitoes are nearly unbearable. Here in the Township of Grand Blanc we pay a slight millage for mosquito abatement. The abatement can be either in the form of spraying or larvae killing by treating standing water.

In the last several years they have tried to lean more toward treating standing water than spraying. Also in the last several years there has been an increase in mosquitoes. Working in the yard is nearly impossible unless the wind is blowing or you are standing out in the sun.

Unfortunately in this upcoming primary election this township has added a renewal to the mosquito abatement millage. Most people don't vote in primaries unless there is a specific reason to vote against something and there seem to be a push to not renew the mosquito killing tax. I can't imagine what the level or size of skeeters will be next year if this millage is not renewed.

I know spraying can be harmful but so can mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can spread a variety of diseases plus they affect the quality of life for those wishing to be out of doors in the few months that Michigan has of beautiful weather. Here's hoping the mosquito millage passes.

This past week we have trimmed more branches in the backyard and finished fixing the fence problems including the bent fence post. Now we just need to find a correct height of gate for the opening. The current gate is too short. I'm sure I'll run across one on Craigslist sooner or later.Weeding continues in the backyard. I would like to finish seeding the fountain area this fall. Even though that area is by far the worse area in the whole yard, it still has come a long way from the jungle area it was when we purchased the house.

Last week we had a several days that had strong heavy downpours. In between the rainstorms I snapped this photo of the sky. It was a weird lavender pink. Normally you would see this color in the western sky but this photo is of the southern sky.