Monday, July 19, 2010

Trimming Trees and Shady Projects

The trees on our property had been neglected for many years before we purchased the house. Over the years we have trimmed and cut a little here and there.

This year we made a serious attempt to finally take care of all the trees. Every storm brought down new dead limbs and twigs. We grew tired of picking up tree debris.

Due to the excessive heat, we decided to take care of projects that are in the shade such as weeding and tree trimming. Our plan is to raise the canopy high enough that we will not have to trim low hanging branches again. We are also removing any dead or damaged wood as we move from tree to tree. We have several more large trees in the front of the property to trim after that we move to the back yard where the trees are in need of trimming BIG TIME.

We have so much cut wood that I believe we could totally heat (use the 3 fireplaces) the house all winter for the next two or three years. I need to call the fireplace chimney guy before the weather turns cold.

The weeding is coming along nicely. The hosta beds look wonderful and the plants are really getting full. We have decided to remove several tender perennials out by the gate and replace them with large sedum like the Autumn Joy we planted last year. Plants that require watering end up being neglected because dragging the garden hose out there is a pain.

The weather report is calling for a slight chance of rain all week so that rules out crabgrass killer. Crabgrass removal is high on my list. The areas we treated last year look great this year and show no signs of crabgrass.

Our usual Japanese beetle problem seems to be less of a problem this year. I saw several of those nasty bugs on a couple of rose bushes but the plum trees look unaffected so far.

We have also continued with our asphalt repairs. That is slow going and messy. But in the end it will extend the life of our driveway.

Since no one wants to look at more tree trimming photos or photos of broken is some flower porn for you. Look at the size of that lily.