Friday, November 26, 2010

A Great Grate Find

The other day when I stopped by one of my favorite consignment stores I noticed some black cold air return grates in a plastic crate on the floor. There were a variety of sizes with some being brass and others were black.

I only have one cold air return that is in the floor and that is located upstairs in the master bedroom. So I came home and did a little measuring. I went back with measurements in hand and did a little measuring 0f the consigned grates.

Lucky me! I found one that was the correct size. Now I can replace that ugly floor grate with a great looking black grate and all for 13 bucks!While I was digging around on the floor looking for the correct size grate I found these mixed in with some old rusty hand tools. There were six wall brackets for hanging plants in this style and.....
four in this style.
These little gems cost me a whopping $2.40 each!
I'm partial to the second style. I have 3 hanging Roseville pots that I think will look great in the sun room hanging from these brackets. Oh oh...I have four brackets and three hanging Roseville pots. Note to another piece of Roseville.


  1. Oh, gosh, that is so . . . great! I wish that shop were near me.

  2. It's a great shop but it is mostly newer items with the occasional antique or vintage item thrown in.

    I'm guessing in an antique shop those brackets would have cost 15 bucks or more a piece. So I guess I'm lucky they don't focus on antique and vintage items!!!


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