Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pick Two

I had to chuckle after I typed the title of this post because it reminded me of the Three Stooges. Excuse me for a moment while I do the Curly shuffle.......yuk yuk yuk! Am I showing my age??

Well anyways.....I was at Harbor Freight today buying another saw blade for the multi purpose tool when I remembered that I broke my last dental pick that I use for removing bits of paint out of cracks.

Once I was at Harbor Freight, it took me several minutes to maneuver around the men that were just standing in the aisle ogling tools. I mean come on already......I like tools as much as the next tool hound but really....they acted as if they were looking at diamonds.

I finally found them, them being the picks, in aisle 5 (I had to ask). I usually get the picks that look like dental picks but these piqued my interest because of the knurled anodized part in the middle. I'll admit it...I have a thing for knurling (not curling...that's a Canadian thing) and shiny anodized bits and pieces. So these brought a twinkle to my eye and all for $3.99. Officially these are used for removing O rings but what good is a tool if it doesn't have multiple uses.My trip to Harbor Freight severely cut into my paint stripping time. It took me 4 hours to finish the top of the left hand side window and the top of the middle window.
Despite my short stature I am too tall when I stand on the ledge so I end up working in an awkward position. This resulted in many near misses between my skin and heat gun. At one point I thought I had melted my thumb nail.

R has been working outside cutting the remaining jambs and trimming out the windows while I have been stripping paint inside. He will finish up tomorrow and then start making the sill extensions for each side of the window to accommodate the wider window trim.

After that we can shingle around the french doors and windows. This will wrap up outside work until spring. This also brings R back in the house which means no more classic rock and back to listening to satellite sports talk radio. Sometimes I think I would rather listen to Rush or Glen Beck......no wait.... bring on the sports talk.....it's BCS time. Which brings me to ask....how is it that Michigan State is ranked 8th with an 11-1 record and Wisconsin is ranked 5th with an 11-1 record with Michigan State having beat Wisconsin? I like the state of Wisconsin AND their cheese but something is fishy here and I don't think it's Lake Michigan salmon.