Friday, November 19, 2010

Update and Vehicle Maintenance Tip

Tomorrow is the wreath making class. I will try my best to document the whole process so that you can also make a wreath. Note to self......take extra batteries for camera.

In my last post, I meant to remind everyone who lives in the colder regions of this great land that now is the time to replace those old windshield wiper blades. It is so much easier to change the blades in a semi warm garage than outside of an auto parts store in the freezing rain or snow.

FYI I have found over the years that going cheap on blades is not worth it. Snow, ice, and rain can do a number on cheap blades. I have had the best luck with the double bladed wipers made out of silicone.

Before buying your blades do these two things. First, look in your owners manual for the correct size. Sometimes the two windshield blades can be two different sizes with the larger on the driver's side. Second check online for rebates. Windshield wiper blades frequently have rebates. Some of the larger auto parts stores will have the rebate forms but if your favorite store does not, you can always download the form.

Do not throw out the old blades. *Put them in your trunk for an emergency. I cannot tell you how many times I have broken a wiper blade on my way to work. That usually happens during an ice storm or in deep slush when a semi tractor trailer blows by me doing 80 mph and swamps my windshield with a ton of frozen slush.

While I am talking about wiper blades I might as well mention the wiper motor. Never pay to have this replaced. It is a 2 bolt and one connector job. My friend priced out a dealer motor and install for her Corvette. The bad news was over $250. I talked her into doing the job herself. She bought a ** re-manufactured (re-man slang) motor from one of the local big auto parts store for less than 40 bucks. Twenty minutes later.......swap was complete and her wallet wasn't empty.

* Keep a box in your trunk with your old belts, old wipers, quart of oil, and windshield solvent.
** Keep your receipt because most re mans have a 30-60 or 90 day warranty but you must have all paperwork.

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