Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Work Progresses Slowly on the Sun Room

R has been slowly cutting the jambs down on the sun room. Cutting them is a slow process but the new tool seems to be working perfectly.

Today he worked on getting the threshold to fit properly and it is now installed but not permanently, we will wait until spring to secure it to the concrete floor.I have been stripping vintage storm doors (4), vintage exterior french doors (2), and have started stripping wood trim, corner cabinets (2), and bay window ledge in the dining room. This wood has never been stained or varnished so the stripping is going a little slower than it did in the living room.

The last three weeks have been busy with a Taste of Home Cooking School with my sister, B, and my cousin Judy, Sprints on Dirt Banquet at FireKeepers Casino in Battle Creek, and the Flint Institute of Arts Holiday Art Fair. To sum it up..... I didn't win anything at the cooking school for the third cooking school in a row, I was up $135 at the casino and lost all that plus an additional 40 bucks, and I dropped $280 at the art fair.

G's hardware. Rookie of the Year and 6th overall in points. Not too shabby.The crew just before hitting the slots and black jack table. Left to right, Gibby, B, G, R, and Mike.
This Saturday I am going to the Henry Ford's estate, Fairlane, in Dearborn Michigan to learn how to make evergreen wreaths. I will be joining Yvonne, a fellow blogger and her friend for a morning of cedar smelling fun!!! With the luck I have been having I will just be thankful if my wreath is remotely round.

On the agenda in the coming weeks is a trip to Detroit Architectural Warehouse and the Detroit Eastern Market in Detroit. I have been working on my list of items that we need here at The Gear such as wood storm windows, 2 sashes, 2 vintage toilets, and miscellaneous small hardware items. Of course at the Eastern Market I will be on the outlook for cheeses and spices.

Working outside has slowed right down to only days when the sun is shining. R has put the blade on the riding lawnmower in preparation for the snow that will come. We have found that it is much more pleasant to put the blade on ahead of time rather than waiting until you have 8 inches of blowing snow to plow.

I am trying to be positive and hope that we get a minimal amount of snow. I do not like snow, sleet, or slush. My days of building snowmen are behind me and I see no redeeming quality for snow except on two days Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. All other days can remain snow free and I would be happy happy happy.

Cold temperatures I can tolerate..... if it is sunny outside. I find that day after day of gray skies are the worst part of winter. So keep your fingers crossed for a winter of sunny skies.


  1. well, your wreath turned out round!

    i like snow on sunny days. you don't see that much except in professional photos, but when it does happen, i love it.

    we've been to the Detroit Architectural Warehouse and didn't find much, but it was interesting anyway...and it's been a long time since we've been to the eastern market. have fun with that!

  2. Oh man....I'm bumming now. I was hoping we would find all kinds of things at Det. Architectural Warehouse.

    I'm running out of places to look for stuff.

  3. BTW, I looked at what I said in the last comment and unless people read what you said in your post, they would have thought my comment about your wreath turning out round was on the rude turned out very nice as well as round :D

    The DAW might have things you need since you're doing a restoration yourself...we were just looking for some decorative items and weren't all that impressed.

  4. I knew you weren't being rude. LOL

    You know my wreath really isn't round!!! I put the bow where there was a flat spot!!!

    I now not only have bad hair days but at the holidays I have bad wreath days!


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