Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dust Dust Everywhere

Tomorrow should wrap up the ceiling removal. What a dusty mess. All that remains is a strip of plaster and wire mesh about 5 feet long and 3 inches wide along the east wall.

This photo was taken yesterday when there was more plaster left around the edges. Also note all the knob and tube (non functioning) that we will remove.While R was busy with the ceiling, I was busy stripping the paint off the wood storm door. I decided to dismantle the door after I finished with the paint removal. The bottom of the wood storm door was pulled apart and at some time they installed little brackets to hold it together. After the door was apart, I found that the dowel pins holding the bottom of the door to the side pieces were rotted and falling apart.
Here is what a good dowel pin should look like.
Once I sand all the parts of the door, I will reassemble using new dowel pins in the bottom portion of the door. I'll wait to prime and paint until after I install it on the barn loft door...just in case I need to trim it to fit properly. Plus I have not decided it I am going to paint it the trim color or the color of the exterior door.