Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ring In the New Year With Demo

Happy New Year!!

Nothing like ringing in the new year with a little demolition. Today we finished removing the remaining knotty pine on the ceiling. We then moved on to taking down the wall cabinets with the leaded glass doors. The door s will be reused on the other side of the room when we build cabinets on the wall where the sink is located.We needed to remove the cabinets for several reasons. #1 The cabinets were ugly and constructed poorly. #2 The cabinets made the area feel closed in and narrow. #3 The cabinets blocked the view into the kitchen from the main hallway. #4 The cabinets blocked sun light. #5 I needed a place to construct open shelves that will display my collection of Roseville, Hull, McCoy, and Weller pottery. Actually, #5 was reason enough.I was busy today scraping adhesive off the kitchen walls while R tore down cabinets. In two areas in the kitchen the previous owner had applied ceramic tile to the walls. The mastic is coming off rather quickly but I will be left with a fair amount of sanding. You can see in the photo above the black goop on the walls above the counter. The adhesive that I have been scraping is tan so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this product will come off as easy as the tan substance.

The remaining plaster ceiling will come down tomorrow. After that we can remove the left over non functioning knob and tube wiring. I want to also move the locations of the ceiling lights. Currently they are off centered slightly and it is driving me crazy.

We can then insulate and installed bead board on the ceiling. Then it is on to priming the knotty pine, painting everything white, installed black granite on the counter tops, new black hardware to match the few original pieces, install the new appliances, then paint the floor in a black and white checkerboard on the diagonal, and top off with a coat of clear poly.

The very last item on the list will be to install the vintage lighting we have been purchasing over the last 3 or 4 years.