Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ready to buy lumber for the ceiling....finally!

Today was a very productive day despite the fact that it started out with a 2 1/2 hr medical appointment. Once I was back home we got right to the job of removing the remaining partition wall.

Here is what it looked like when we started.
Removing the 2X4's and such was the easy part. The hard part was some plaster and wire mesh that needed to also be removed. We also ran across some unused wire in the wall that we pulled out. Ironically, it was capped off with wire nuts on both ends. I guess they didn't want any remaining electrons to leak out of the wire.

Here is how it looked when we ended the work day.
Tomorrow, after R returns home from a dentist appointment, we make a run for Home Depot to buy our lumber and insulation for the ceiling.