Sunday, January 30, 2011

GM Fridge and Snowfest Photos

Last Thursday was spent with my sister and niece. We basically ate our way across the small town of Frankenmuth, Michigan. We ate crepes for lunch, then tasted olive oils and balsamic vinegars, and later drank specialty coffee drinks. There was also popcorn and cupcakes to take home.

On our way from Clio to Frankenmuth we crossed paths with an antique store that called our name as we drove by. I purchased a small vase and my niece purchased several vintage books.

I noticed several interesting items while browsing the antique shop. Isn't this refrigerator cool? I love that it has the General Motors logo.
This Coca Cola cooler was nifty but I bet it would use a heap of electricity.
Frankenmuth was celebrating the first day of their annual Snowfest.The snow and ice sculptures were in the process of being carved but I think you can tell what this is suppose to be when completed.
Large eagle with it's talons around a very large fish.
Ice sculpture of a very thin train.
Looks like a gun and a piggy bank.
And of course, what would any festival be without a beer tent?