Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So Little Time...So Little Progress

Today started with the annual ritual of filing our tax returns. Since we have been married, R has never participated in this annual ritual. His level of involvement involves asking two questions. Question number 1..."Do we owe anything?" Question number 2 changes depending on the answer to question number 1 and is either... "How much do we owe?" or "How much are we getting back?"

I find tax time very stressful and not because I detest paying taxes. Quite frankly, I feel that everyone should take pride in ensuring that our country can protect itself and it's citizens, provide for itself, and provide help and assistance to those in need, whether on our shores or elsewhere. We all know that takes MONEY. What I don't like is possibly paying more than those who may make vastly more than I do. I so wish that we had a flat rate for income tax. But as long as those who make vastly more than I do, can influence Washington D.C., that will never happen. I believe the feeling of parity would take a lot of resentment out of paying taxes.

Our refund isn't the largest we have ever received but it's a refund! I was pleased to find out that donations to public institutions such as museums gets you slightly more than your average donation. I need to be more vigilant in keeping receipts. Currently my book keeping method consists of putting receipts into a large ginger jar. That is... if I remember to put them in the jar. Major receipts such as property tax receipts make their way into the jar but it's those little $20-$30 donation receipts that somehow never seem to make it to the jar.

The good news is.....The Hot Dog Stand is once again open for the spring and summer. Screw that groundhog.....spring is here when The Hot Dog Stand is open for business!!

We continued working on that half wall. Patches are all in place but still need to be filled and sanded. Today we worked on cutting the thick board that will rest on top. I mentioned before that we glued two 1X10's together to get a substantial board that didn't look like construction grade.Like everything else in this house...it wasn't a simple straight cut nor was the wall straight. But we persevered and finished cutting and fitting it. All that is left is securing it in place and trimming out the area underneath it with cove molding.Tomorrow will consist of finishing several small electrical projects and filling in around the patches and numerous chips in the tongue and groove boards through out the kitchen. But first a quick trip to Home Depot for more trim, sand paper, and screws.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more about funding the government with our tax dollars. It is a necessary evil; as some would say.

    Yes, it would be great if it was fair and equal, but when does that happen. I heard a newsclip on NPR the other day talking about raising the tax rate to the first $180,000 a person earns, rather than (I think it's at) $110,000. I think that would be good...but what would be better is an even higher amount.


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