Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Granite and Straight Outlet Covers

R fixed the crooked outlet covers after I mentioned that they appeared in the blog in all their crookedness.

After R worked his magic on what turned out to be more than just crooked covers, he said "take another photo and eradicate the old photo from the blog." ERRAAADICATE? Whatever!

Here's the new photo and despite R's request, I will leave the photo of the crooked covers for all of posterity to look at and pondered the question..."What were they thinking?"We finished installing all the whole tiles on the island today. Tomorrow we will start on the tiles that need cutting to accommodate the black glass Bosch cook top. I am so hoping that we get all those tiles installed tomorrow because I am chomping at the bit to start the buffet.

If you are wondering about the is going to be non sanded black grout. We decided that it would make sense to grout once all the tiles are installed.

I had to add this photo because I am so so glad that I convinced R that this was a good idea. He was against cutting off the wall because he has a hard time visualizing what the after is going to look like before it is done.