Monday, March 28, 2011

Red Knobs and Little Jobs

I listed the red knobs on Etsy and they were gone within 24 hours. Wow!They are on their way to Arkansas.
R told me they would sell right away and he was right. Don't tell him I said he was right, though.

The other day while we were listening to the classic rock station, a Rick Derringer song came on the radio. Bet you can't name that tune...............give up?? OK, a few more seconds.....time is up. Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo......oh sure, that's right..... you were going to say that, weren't you? Well, know how one thing will lead to another and then another? I said to R, "OK, who sings this song?" He always says Winchester somebody. Get it Winchester...Derringer...both are guns. Well, then I said "what band did he play guitar with?" He always forgets. I said "you know Edgar Winter." I then said, "Wow, you know you never hear about Johnny Winter anymore....I wonder if he is still alive?"

Two days later, on Friday, I went to the mail box and got the mail. Friday is the day we get the Grand Blanc View newspaper and lo and behold....look what was in the newspaper.Yup, that's right...Johnny Winter. We threw down our tools, combed our hair, and an hour later we were here.....
listening to Johnny Winter.
Of course, we were in the Geritol section. We were surrounded by an unusual array of concert goers. One guy kept waving his cane walker in the air to the music. Another old guy was nodding his head like those two guys in the movie, A Night at the Roxbury. Then there was the group of 10 guys in front of us, that were all dress in their best hunting clothes and insisted on getting up every 10 minutes. They were either ADHD or had bladders the size of walnuts.

So anyways....we are still waiting on granite polishing tools so we can finish the granite counter tops. In the meantime we are doing odd little jobs inside the house because we STILL have snow outside.