Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winding Down the Granite Install

We are very pleased with the granite so far. I say so far, because we still need 6 more pieces of trim, plus cut a few pieces of trim, and grout all of the granite. Of course, we've never grouted before so that will be trial and error party.

Today we installed more of the trim pieces. The trim pieces we installed yesterday, with the construction adhesive, are very sturdy and looks like it would take a sledge hammer to remove them. Temporarily adding that piece of pine to support the trim piece, until the adhesive dried makes installing the trim pieces a lot easier. The added support is insurance against sag as the tile dries.The buffet area just needs the angle pieces cut and installed.
The sink area needs the corner pieces and an additional 6 pieces of straight installed. We ran out of pieces and will need to make a trip to the store before we start tomorrow.
We also sanded the wood trim that needs to be re installed on the island.I can't wait to remove those ugly red knobs and to wipe down the walls and cabinets. There is dust EVERY WHERE!