Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red Knobs Go Bye Bye

The granite install is at a complete stop until the polishing kit we ordered arrives. So it's on to small jobs until then.

Today, I started removing the red ceramic knobs on the cabinets. Once the knobs were removed from the drawer front, I quickly sanded the drawer front. No amount of sanding could make these drawer fronts look new, so I sanded obvious lumps and dents then installed the new black handles.I chose these handles and hinges because they match the entry door hardware. The cabinet fronts will need to have the holes left from the old knobs filled. Rather than fill the holes as I go along, I will fill all the holes at one time. Epoxy filler is my choice because I seem to get a smoother finish with the epoxy filler than I do with the wood filler. Since these cabinets will be painted semi gloss white, it doesn't matter what I used.Why put the handles on now? Before the cabinets are painted? I felt it was easier than filling the holes after they were painted and then touching up the paint. Plus, I was leaving room for error and the fact that I may need to adjust the placement. I will be less likely to pull my hair out if the cabinets have not been painted.Once all the knobs are replaced, I will start on the hinges. After that I will start sanding the cabinets themselves. If the granite polishing kit has not shown up by then.....well....I'll pull my hair out!

BTW...it's snowing again.