Monday, March 14, 2011

More Granite

We are moving at a faster pace now that we seem to have a method to our granite tile madness. The island granite tile is done so we moved on to prepping the buffet area.R needed to touch up the existing counter top where he cut off the over hang. There were two areas that were not completely flush with the cabinets. He used the reciprocating saw and the sander to smooth out those two areas.

The light colored area on the tongue and groove paneling is where we removed the 1970 era ceramic tile. The tile was affixed to a piece of plywood and the plywood was adhered to the paneling with mastic. I spent roughly two weeks scraping and sanding all the areas where there had been tile. I saved some of the tile that did not break during removal. It should make for a very festive tray table. I will try to remember to post a photo of the red and green tile.

I laid out the granite tile to get a rough idea of how many would need cutting. We were both thrilled that only four will need cutting. Two of the cuts are straight cuts, no biggie. Unfortunately, two will need angle cuts. Could be a bummer. I am trying to stay positive but I'm positive it will be a bummer. Our tile saw is not an expensive model. I think we paid all of 39 bucks for it, so we are trying to keep that in kind when it doesn't readily do what we want with ease. The granite is also harder to cut than a typical ceramic tile.

The granite dust when mixed with water is quite the mess and very rough on the hands. The perfect place to use the saw would be outside in the warm sun. As you know this is Michigan in March and we are just lucky to even see the sun much less have it warm.

Tomorrow is an off day from granite work. I am going to Midland with my sister, to attend a Taste of Home Cooking School. R will be under his truck trying to fix a power steering fluid leak and later in the day he will pick up G's sprint car crank shaft, from the machinist.

Wednesday will find us back laying granite on the buffet. The buffet will also receive the granite bull nose piece along the edge. I am estimating one day to lay the large granite squares and one day to install just the bull nose pieces. Some of the pieces will need an angle cut because the corners of the buffet are cut off in roughly a 45 degree angle on each end.

This photo shows R holding a piece of the bull nose. I thought I would add a photo of daffodil bulbs that are sprouting by my front door. Spring is just around the corner. We just need the snow to GO AWAY!

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