Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just Too Hot

This hot weather has slowed our progress down to a crawl. Our current work pattern is to go outside and water all the plants and trees and then start work on the deck. Then we usually go inside for the afternoon and back outside in the evening until it gets dark.

We have finished the landing by the kitchen door, so now both landings are completed. The kitchen landing was not without a close encounter with the emergency room. We were in the process of screwing down the deck boards when one of the bar clamps that I was using popped off and fell 4 feet onto the top of my foot.

My usual foot attire is flip flops. Flips flops in summer (outside) and flip flops in winter (inside). My current flip flop is a suede pair with fleece lining by LL Bean. I love these and unfortunately they are on their last days. But back to the close encounter of the E.R. kind. The bar clamp hit the top of my foot, not on the clamp end but the bar end. Say it with me.....OUCH OUCH OUCH!I looked down and didn't see blood but I was very afraid to move my foot because I thought for sure it was broke. I slid my foot out of the flip flop and couldn't believe it. In a mere 30 seconds it looked like this.....R was grossed right out. The photo doesn't show the height of the lump. It literally looked like a golf ball sitting on top of my foot. I was afraid to move my foot so I hopped on my good foot over to a lawn chair. We have a well for our water, so I told R to get me a bucket and the hose. He brought me a 5 gallon bucket that just days earlier was used to make concrete. I put my foot in the bucket and filled with cold water.

I thought that I should at least try and move my toes. Move they did and believe it or not nothing seem to hurt. By this time even the bottom of by foot was swollen. I sat there for an hour before I took my foot out of the water. My entire foot was swollen and very cold but the ugly golf ball size lump was gone. I was surprised that I could even walk around without any problems.

I was sure that when I woke up this morning and looked at my foot that I would see a large black and blue bruise. know what? Nothing, absolutely nothing except a little overall swelling. Not one mark and I attribute that to my LL Bean suede and fleece flip flops AND the cold water and compression from the 5 gallons.

Please disregard my dirty foot as I had been back filling post holes with clay soil before the near miss happened.