Friday, July 15, 2011

Left Handed Person + Right Handed Person= Broken Fingernails

First off, let me say I have no photos. I was so P.O.ed that I completely forgot to take photos of our progress.

R is left handed and I am right handed. This at times has caused problems, that is why we try to work on separate projects. This just happen to be a project that required both of us to participate, plus it is a long project.

It was hot. We were in the sun all day. The tools were always to his left and I was on the right. The cord was always on the wrong side and in the way. Whenever we needed to turn over a board he turned counterclockwise and I turned clockwise. Needless to say when I broke a second fingernail...we were done for the day.

Let's hope tomorrow goes better. I'm down to 8 good fingernails.