Friday, July 8, 2011

Progress on Rebuilding Deck

I swear we always wait until it is HOT HOT HOT outside to work on decks. You would think we had learned our lesson on B & G's deck but... oh no! Here we are on the south side of the house in 90+ degree sunny weather.Today we dig more post holes and maybe even install a few posts. After the posts are installed we will go back to adding the 2X12 to the rim joist and install joist hangers and corner braces as we work our way around to the north side of the house.

Rebuilding a poorly constructed deck takes longer than building a deck from scratch. Everyday we find something to correct before we can move on. But our ultimate goal is a deck with NO BOUNCE!!!! So far even without the posts we plan to add, the deck is far more sturdier and stiff than it was when we started.