Monday, July 11, 2011

Pulling nails and a new oil painting

It rained on and off today so we were unable to continue on with the deck rebuild. Instead we did something fun (sarcastic)......we pulled nails.

R salvaged 40 2X4's from the person who's garage we disassembled. These 2X4's are in great condition except for the fact that they were covered in nails and dry wall screws. The boards are so new that they are not even discolored. They will be perfect for framing.

Here is a photo of the pile of nails and screws that we have collected from all the lumber we have recycled. Ouch! makes my elbow hurt just looking at the photo.The other day I stopped by one of my 3 favorite consignment shops and scored this great oil painting for 10 bucks. It will look great in my kitchen framed with either an antique frame from my collection (fingers crossed that I have the correct size) or maybe a simple black frame.