Friday, March 9, 2012

Another Kitchen Oil Painting

Last summer I purchased a still life oil on board of a rooster, bowl of bananas, and a plant. I paid $10.00 and at the time thought it would look great in my kitchen once I found a frame for it.

Several days ago I stopped in my favorite consignment shop looking for a frame. I needed a frame that held a painting that measured 16 X 20 and it needed to be fairly simple and not ornate. I found one that had a print and glass in it for $18.00. I wasn't wowed but thought it would work so I grabbed it and headed to the cash register.

I continued to wander around while I waited for the clerk to check out another customer. That's when I found an oil painting in a simple frame for $18.00. Lo and behold this one had a purple tag meaning it was HALF OFF!Nothing special actually kind of blah......but the frame was wood and of simple design which makes it perfect for my still life painting.

This photo shows the rooster painting in the frame before I painted the frame. Sorry about the blurry photo. The frame still looks kind of blah and really does nothing for the painting but wait...
This is what it looked like after I painted the frame. The frame is satin black and actually photographs a little shineyier (is that a word?...LOL) than it is in real life.
I love it!!! The frame is simple but has a little detail that popped out when painted. I think I did well for my total investment of $19.00.

I love these vintage still life paintings done by amateur painters. Most are very affordable and there are hundreds if not thousands on Etsy and eBay to pick from if you cannot find one at your local antique or consignment shop.

A lot of the amateur still life paintings are painted on 8X10 canvas board. This makes buying inexpensive frames really really easy. It also allows you to group 2 or 3 together. Pick a theme like veggies, fruit, or flowers and then group them with similar or matching frames.

Use one painting to fill in a small area such as the little area of wall at the end of a run of cabinets. How about hanging several under your cabinets in the back splash area? Need something larger? Group 3, 4, or 5 paintings to give a larger visual impact.

Remember if you plan on using oil paintings in a kitchen environment they will be subjected to airborne cooking oils. Using inexpensive paintings is perfect for the kitchen. Hang your van Goghs and Monets in the living room and use the less expensive and readily available amateur still life paintings in your kitchen.