Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is the best spring EVER!!!

I seriously cannot believe how nice the weather has been lately. The weather forecast for next week 80 degrees. I'll be happy with 70 even 60 degrees is great.

We cut the 8 posts for the upper loft deck. I've already purchased the carriage bolts so we are hoping that we can get the posts installed. There is still some fine tuning to do to the posts like adding the little 45 degree bevel at the bottom, drilling the holes for the carriage bolts, and finishing up with a little sanding.But the plan is to install the posts on Wednesday. The weather forecast is saying that there is a chance of rain so installing the railing caps on the already finished railing is probably out of the question because we use the biscuit joiner and glue to connect the boards.

There is plenty of spring clean up to do, so if it looks like rain we will probably rake. I have piles of already raked leaves and twigs all over the place and that barely puts a dent into the mounds of leaves and twigs in the flower beds.

I feel a blister forming on my thumb already.