Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunny but cold

I thought to myself, "good day to work outside" when I looked outside this morning and noticed it was bright and sunshiney. Bright...yes, sunny....yes, It was actually brisk outside because of the wind. But we were determined to get something....anything....done today.

We started out by working a little on the loft part of the deck. We rummaged through our scrap pile and found several pieces long enough to cover the existing rim joist with a wider piece of 2X10. Tomorrow will require a lumber run to pick up the two longer pieces to finish the other two sides.With the deck work at a standstill we decided that now is the time to remove the brush from the back property line. In between the large cedar trees and large pine there are hundreds of choke cherry trees and a tangled mess of river bank grape vine.The choke cherry trees are dangerous and covered with large thorns that can in a blink impale you. My neighbor had one imbed itself in his thumb which caused an infection. I'm pleased to announce that I did not get stabbed today but I did break two fingernails. Please.....a moment of silence in honor of my fingernails who gave it their all so that our yard will look tidy.

Well, I am off to bed because after an afternoon in the brisk spring air, I am tuckered out.

Don't forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour tonight. Spring ahead...fall back.