Monday, October 8, 2012

And we're trimming

Today was sunny but cold.  Remember when I was complaining about it being too hot????  I wish I had a little of that heat today because it was almost glove weather and I find it hard to work with gloves on my hands.

We started trimming the areas where we removed the cedar shingles and can't wait to get the new shingles installed.  Aren't those old Anderson windows just about the ugliest things you have ever seen?  Who would remove good double hung windows and install these windows?  Ironically all the original double hung windows in this house are just fine after we remove the bazillion layers of paint.  These "new" windows, besides not being aesthetically pleasing, are literally falling apart.  The wood is rotted, the hardware does not work, and they leak like a sieve.   I'll be relieved when we can get them replaced but until then I'll just act like they are not there.

If you look closely at the photos you can ever so slightly see the roof shingles that we installed.

Also you can see the vintage storm door that we purchased about 4 years ago.  The door has the original glass insert but not the screen insert.  We repaired the glass insert the best that we could but it will need replacing.
The photos probably do not show the vintage oak door with the beveled glass window that we  installed.  I have vintage door hardware for the door but for the life of me I cannot find where I stashed the yellow cigar box that I placed them into for safe keeping.  Until then, we are using a 2X4 for a lock.....nothing but classy.