Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Free Bead Board for the Soffit

I love it when we can use building supplies from our scrap pile.

After Sunday's trip to Home Depot for one 12 foot 1X6 solid PVC board which cost us $35.87 we were happy to use free stuff today.  When we checked out at Home Depot the cashier said, "is that  right? $35.87?"  We assured her unfortunately it was correct.  She then said, "what kind of board is that?"  I assume they don't sell a lot of it....LOL

Today's free wood was a half sheet of bead board that R picked up from someone's trash.  We used it for the soffit and had a whole 6 inches left over.

Tomorrow's To Do List is...

Install light underneath soffit
Install corner trim boards
Call the building supply store where we bought our roof shingles and see if they sell cedar shingles
Finish mowing the lawn

If it rains...
Trim an 1/8th of an inch off the bottom of the oak kitchen door because it drags across the floor when it is almost all the way open. Door is heavy and awkward so this might take awhile.
Sand the floor in the kitchen door mudroom
Maybe dismantle the cupboards in the mudroom to be reused to build a shelf and seating below shelf