Friday, October 5, 2012

Curbside Treasure

Curbside treasures have been rare this past summer.  R usually finds something at least once a week but not this year.  He has been lucky finding long pieces of lumber some of which we needed for small projects here and there.

He did find this........A wall mounted drinking fountain  in perfect condition.

with the hanging bracket.....

R thinks he can hang it outside and plumb it with PEX or clear tubing that he can remove for the winter.  Rather than plumb it with a drain we decided on two options.  The first option is to do nothing and just place a pail underneath it to catch the water.  Then use that to water the plants.  The second option is to attach a section of garden hose and direct the water to shrubs etc.

The drinking fountain has been placed in the barn for future installation along with a hundred other projects.