Sunday, October 14, 2012

The rain has us in a holding pattern

We were so excited and relieved (very relieved) to finally get the trim board fabricated and installed. 
This board was rather tricky to fabricate because we had the odd shape to contend with at the lower end.  First we added a wedge to the top of the board so it followed the roof line.  We then added another wedge to the bottom to make the bottom of the board level.  I think the board will make more sense when we get the corner trim installed.

Each wedge installation took one day. We needed to wait for the wood glue (clamped in place) to dry so we could sand the seam smooth so that it appears as one wide piece of wood.

Later today, we are off to Home Depot to pick up another piece of the PVC trim called Never Rot that we have used as fascia boards (you can see a short piece that we installed about the kitchen door) wherever there is an eave trough.  This is to make sure that the wood never rots due to rain water, leaves, snow, and ice.  The boards are expensive but I think it is worth every penny in knowing that I do not need to paint (it's comes in white) it or replace it down the road.

The only drawback to using it is if you install it in the summer.  These PVC boards expand in the heat and contract in the cold.  So installing them in the fall and winter helps to eliminate having a space develop between the boards when they contract. 

We had a carpenter install several pieces in the front when he rebuilt the overhang.  I told him several times to keep the PVC boards in the shade because they expand in the heat.  Throughout the week, I noticed the Never Rot boards laying on the Asphalt driveway in the sun.  A gap now develops during the winter between the two fascia boards.  None of the fascia boards we installed do this because we made sure to do it in the fall and never let the boards lay in the sun before installation.  This is also why we now do EVERYTHING ourselves.  We  might be a tad slow but I hate having to redo something that I PAID someone else to do.