Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cedar shingles for the kitchen exterior

I love and hate this weather.  It's perfect for working outside but this is short lived.  So like everything else that is good like chocolate, homemade caramels, or bacon.....there is not enough of it.

After installing the soffit bead board and the corner trim we were ready to start the shingling.  I purchased two bundles at Home Depot.  They were the usual No. 2 Red Cedar shingles.  The quality control on these shingles is terrible.  They are crooked, warped, and cracked and because of this it takes longer to install each shingle.

We need to custom cut the two shingles on each side of the window.  This really slows down the whole process.  There is just one final row to install.  Of all those remaining shingles guess how many do not need a custom cut?  NONE  Yup, every single shingle needs cutting to the correct length at the very least.  More than likely at least one of the sides will need to be straightened, if not both.  Then there are the last 3 or 4 which will need an angle cut at the bottom to accommodate the angle of the roof. 
I'm hoping that it doesn't rain a lot tomorrow because all we need is about 3 hours to finish the south side of the kitchen.  Once this is completed, we can finish installing the small trim around the bead board and the shingle trim I used in the front of the house to hide the nail heads on the last course of shingles.

The east wall will take longer as there is more area to cover.  I have a feeling we will still be shingling when the first little snow flakes fall. But if we do finish before winter we might tackle some eave trough installation.