Friday, September 26, 2014

Grandma Cat and more Grey

Since my Father's death in 2012, my Mother has been very lonely.  She drives and is in very good health for someone nearly 81 years old.  She's never been a pet person and it was only 3 weeks ago that she touched her first pet.  Well all of that has changed.

On Monday, R and my Mother took Grandma Cat to the vet for a physical and shots.  Then on Wednesday, R and my Mother took Grandma Cat to Paw Palace for the works.  From there she went to my Mother's house and Grandma Cat is now a condo kitty.

According to my Mother.  Her cat is beautiful and everyone thinks so.  Her cat is so smart and everyone thinks so....LOL  My Mother bought Grandma Cat an expensive bed but woke up this morning to Grandma Cat sleeping on the end of her bed.....LOL  Grandma Cat will have my Mother trained in no time.

While R was on Mother in Law duty I primed and painted.  I have the front of the sun room painted grey but still need to prime the windows and trim and then paint them paint.

On the remaining front of the house I have about a 1/3 of the peak of the dining room done.

Today I removed the paint from the trim on the little window in the peak.  Oh my but that is high up and I needed to use both on the scraper and one holding the heat gun.  I had to take it slow and easy so I wouldn't fall off the ladder but I'll be honest, I will be glad when this section is done.

While I gave my feet and legs a break from ladder standing, I pulled weeds and then decided on where I wanted to transplant a Catalpa tree.  When I finally decided on a spot, I dug the hole so tomorrow we can transplant the tree.