Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Rehanging the Wood Storm Windows

The last two days have been spent priming, painting, and rehanging the wood storm windows.  We have two more storm windows to rehang before we move on.

I purchased new hangers because I wanted all the hangers to match.  R and I discussed whether we wanted to leave them unpainted, paint them white, or paint them black.  We both chose black, so I spray painted them with the same hammered black paint that I used on the faux door straps on the garden shed.

I was kind of stung by a yellow jacket today while painting the storm windows.  I think that he barely poked me with the stinger but didn't get any venom injected.  I immediately applied my glass of iced mocha frappe on my cheekbone (site of the possible sting) and then hit my inhaler a couple of times, just in case.  I think I'm OK because the one time I was stung, it hurt and burned like no tomorrow.

Soooooooooo, we had to spray the nest.  We covered up the honeybee hive after all the bees had returned back home from foraging.  I used a cotton rug to hang over the front of the hive and then we placed a large piece of cardboard over the top of that.  R couldn't use his bee outfit because you do not want to contaminate the suit with pesticides.  So we wrapped R up with several sweatshirts and just his eyes showing.  It looked like he was wearing a burka.   By this time it was almost dark.  He climbed up on the ladder and foamed those little buggers.  We'll know more tomorrow on whether we got them all.  But it started raining about three hours later so that will help wash off any residue.

As much as we didn't want to use any pesticides, we really had no choice.  I cannot take the chance of getting stung and they were getting more and more aggressive every day.  My local Ace Hardware was completely sold out of yellow jacket spray when I went there today to buy a can. So I had to drive to another store and they only had a few cans left for sale.  My Ace guy said that they have had a lot of people buying yellow jacket spray.  Fingers crossed that the honeybees were safe inside and unaffected by the foam.

If the cedar shingles are dry tomorrow, I will try and finish the grey paint on the dining room exterior wall. With the yellow jackets gone, I should be able to finish that small area in about 15 minutes. Then all that will remain to be painted on the dining room wall is the peak.
That very small area above the small window.  I am not looking forward to that.
I am looking forward to finally hanging the shutters that my father and I built,  I'll write more about those shutters when we install them.  Those shutters should really change the look of the house.

Grandma Cat update.  My mother called me early this morning to tell me that her cat has quite the personality and is sooooooo smart.  I have to laugh because she thinks she's training the cat and it's really the cat training her....LOL

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  1. The storm windows look great and so "natural". Good to hear that Mom and Grandma Cat are continuing to have a good relationship.


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