Sunday, September 28, 2014

Painting Update

The weather has been perfect for painting.  Just warm enough and no wind.  I'm loving it.

On Sunday I should be able to get all the grey painted on the dining room exterior EXCEPT for the very peak.  That will leave the very peak and the final white top coat on the little window.

Today I was able to start the priming on the storm windows.  Remember the storm window that the glass broke during sanding?  Well, I took that in to my local Ace Hardware and it will be ready late on Sunday.

I also purchased new hangers for the storm windows.  This house had a variety of hangers of which some were severely rusted and some were broke.  We decided to spray paint the hangers black to match the black hinges and other assorted hardware.

We also worked on the sunroom exterior.  R sanded and I primed.  Tomorrow we will start painting the white top coat on the trim.

While waiting for coats of paint to dry today, I hauled out my tape measure and did a little measuring for the lumber list for the front door trim.  I am hoping to get started on rebuilding the door trim on Wednesday.  Monday and Tuesday are busy days for R and he will be away for most of the day.  So while he is gone I'll touch up paint and do a little caulking and maybe eve do a little window glazing.

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