Sunday, September 21, 2014

More storm damage

.....when will it stop?

We just noticed that the top of our sycamore tree is broken off.  I would guess at least 6 feet is broke off and hanging by a thread.  It's such a shame because it was a perfect shaped tree, too.

Unfortunately we had another storm tonight after sunset so I am bracing myself for tomorrow's discoveries.  The wind has been quite brisk the last two days and the amount of twigs falling from our trees has been endless.

The weather forecast today was for rain by 1PM so there was no need to try and paint today so we worked on trimming the fruit trees, climbing rose bushes, and cutting down the rose bushes along the sidewalk that leads to our kitchen door.  Those bushes have never been cut back and were getting to the point where they were starting to separate down the middle.  I was able to cut down half of them before the wind really picked up and the sky starting getting dark.

Tomorrow I'll try to finish the rose bush trimming get mentality prepared to paint all week because the weather is suppose to warm up and not rain.  Yippee.